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The Ten Best Design Books

Top ten lists are always fun, yet a little daunting to write. Interior design books can run the gamut of very informational textbooks to fluffy coffee table books and everywhere in between. But let's face it, most of us just want really inspiring photos that give us creative ideas, or at the very least a big case of green envy.

Here are ten of our favorite interiors books that we visit over and over for colorful inspiration:

1. Time and Place by Steven Gambrel

This is the first book by one of our all time, all star clients. Don't tell the others, but if I could have my dream home designed by anyone, I would go with Steven. I love his mix of modern and traditional and use of intense, yet restrained colors.

2. Interior Design Master Class Edited by Carl Dellatore

This tome is packed with essays and photos of interiors by some of the very best from Jeffery Bilhuber, Bunny Williams, Robert Stilin, Rose Tarlow, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Joe Nahem, and dozens more. Think of it as a very fun and colorful encyclopedia.


3. Domino: The Book of Decorating by Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello, and Dara Caponigro

I know I am not alone when I say I pine for the old Domino mag, and have tons of back issues- still! There was such a great sense of young fun in so many of the featured interiors. Also, they had splendid ideas that did not break the bank.

4. Hidden Paris by Catherine Clifton-Mogg and Côté Paris

Who doesn't wonder what is beyond the grand doors of Parisian courtyards? Continue the fantasy of Parisian living with this little gem.

5. New York Behind Closed Doors by Polly Devlin

This newcomer is one we will keep forever just for the sheer entertainment value of being able to peek inside of the grand, and sometimes crazy funky apartments of New York.

6. A Place to Call Home by Gil Schafer III

So if, in my fantasy, I would have Steven Gambrel do my interiors, I would have Gil Schafer as the architect. Schafer has an incredible eye for detail, a great sense of history, and delivers classically beautiful homes.

7. Mark Hampton on Decorating by Mark Hampton

If there is a textbook that all designers should have in their libraries, this is it. The late Mark Hampton was a master at designing and decorating with elegance and timeless style.

8. Stay With Me: The Most Creative Hotel Brands in the World by Catherine Harvey

There are few things more fun than staying in a well designed, fun, sexy hotel. This book offers a good handful of successful examples. Bon voyage!

9. Tom Scheerer Decorates by Mimi Read

I bought this book as a gift and ended up keeping it for myself!

"There is something undeniably sunny about [Tom Scheerer's] work. . . . But Scheerer's exuberance is always cut with a hearty dose of Yankee restraint and practicality. It adds up to inspiring rooms that are comfortable, modern, and unpretentious." --Elle Décor

Couldn't have said it better.

10. Haute Bohemians by Miguel Flores-Vianna, Edited by Amy Astley

This book is the bobo version of The World of Interiors. Not too precious, but incredibly stylish with international flair that exudes page after page.

Wow, this proved to be a hard task because there are so many incredible design books! Honorable mention should go to:

Miles Redd's Big Book of Chic 

Matthew Patrick Smyth's Living Traditions

Charlotte Moss's A Visual Life 

and Home by Noel Millea and the New York Times

Voila! Happy Reading!

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