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Frequently Asked Questions


What is CASTEL

Castel is a family-owned fabric company based in New York. We service the top interior designers in the US with our collection of high-quality, European textiles.


Where are Castel's fabrics made?

Castel sources its fabrics all around the world.


Who does Castel sell to?

Castel is a wholesale to the tradecompany. Castel sells fabric by the yard to interior designers, architects, upholstery and drapery workrooms, design shops and commercial customers. Our fabrics are displayed in professional showrooms across the US and internationally. Please visit the locations page to find a location near you.


How do I set up an account with Castel?

To set up an account with Castel, you may either register on our website here or email- We require a company name, address, phone number and e-mail address. We will verify you credentials as a trade merchant and set up an account.


Can I place a reserve with Castel?

Design professionals are able to reserve fabrics by clicking on the  Reserve / Order  button on the product page. First, login to your account. Then search or browse to the fabric you wish to reserve. On the product page, click  Reserve / Order , and you will be prompted to enter the quantity and sidemark. Click  Add to Cart . At checkout, you will have the option to place a reserve or order in the Shipping Method section.


Can I request fabric samples online?

Anyone can request fabric samples online. First, navigate to the fabric you wish to request, and click Request Sample. You will have a separate section of your shopping cart for samples. Design professionals should login for additional options.


Where can I check fabric stock?

Stock information is avaialble for all fabrics without logging in.  Then search or browser for fabrics. You can see stocked yardage on the thumbnail, or on the product page. To see if there is incoming stock or stock detail, click on "detail" on search result thumbnail or fabric page.


Where does Castel stock its fabrics?

Castel stocks certain items in the United States and certain items in Europe.

How long does it take to get a Castel Fabric?

Castel stocks its fabrics in Europe and in the US. Because of the different locations delivery times depend on the item. If a fabric is stocked, please allow 2 business days to pack and ship a fabric. Shipping takes an additional 3-5 business days under normal circumstances. Factors that determine delivery also depend on shipping method, holidays, location and customs clearance. Other factors may affect delivery times; see Force Majeur. Castel cannot overnight fabrics stocked in Europe.

How long does it take to get a "not in stock fabric"?

If a fabric is not in stock, it can take anywhere from one week to ten weeks to be available depending on the fabric or the production schedule of that particular item. A deposit is required to guarantee in coming stock or commence production for items not in stock.

How long does it take to receive a CFA?

Castel stocks its fabrics in Europe and in the US. Because of the different locations CFA delivery times vary depending on the item. CFAs generally take 5-7 business days to be delivered. Castel cannot overnight CFAs from European stocked items. If a CFA is urgently required please contact Castel and a customer service person will advise you on your options.

What are the Castel customers' responsibilities during product selection and ordering?

Provide a written Purchaser order ("P.O.") with complete specifications when ordering fabric, or sign a P.O. provided by the showroom or Castel with complete specifications. Review all information on Castel's Acknowledgement for orders and make necessary changes to Acknowledgement in writing immediately upon receipt. Approve all fabric cuttings for approval ("CFA") if requested. Inform the ultimate client of accurate lead times and status of orders as production proceeds. Assume all responsibility for selection, client interaction and showroom communication.

What are the standard pricing and payment terms?

All prices are NET (wholesale) Landed New York City, and are exclusive of taxes, freight, insurance, special processing and local delivery charges. All orders must be paid in full prior to releasing order for shipment. A 50% deposit is required to initiate an order, and the balance including all tax and shipping charges is due prior to shipping. If using a tax resale number to order tax exempt, designer assumes responsibility to collect tax from ultimate client or user and remit to state and must provide a copy of their resale certificate to the showroom.

What are accepted methods of payment?

Castel accepts checks, Amex, Visa, Mastercard credit cards and wire transfers. All checks must be made payable to Castel. Certain fees may apply if checks are returned for insufficient funds or incorrect payee.

How to avoid sales tax charges?

In order to avoid sales tax charges, you must also complete and submit a certificate of resale form for the state(s) in which you do business & submit a copy of your certificate of registration.

Does Castel offer quantity discounts?

Castel may grant from time to time a discount for large orders (more than 100 yards per item). Discounts are only valid on an order to order basis and can only be determined by Castel.

Does Castel offer "personal use discounts"?

Upon request, Castel may grant from time to time a discount to a designer or design professional for personal use only. Castel will apply "10/10/10" where customer account must have more than $10,000 in purcahses and/or 10 orders within the last 12 months rolling to get a 10% discount on an order, subject to Castel's acceptance.  No additoanal discounts, including website discounts will apply.

Does Castel do "Weavedowns"?

Castel can do weave downs of certain items. All necessary information is required, including: budget, quantity, technical requirements, project location. Each weave down request is handled on a case by case basis.

Will Castel produce a custom fabric?

Castel generally does not do any custom work. However, in cases where large orders (more than 300 yards per item) are concerned, Castel can research options for a customized fabric. Please contact Castel for specifics.

Will Castel drop ship outside the United States?

Yes, Castel can ship to locations outside the United States. Generally, Castel will offer an "Ex-Works" Price (see Ex-Works definition), where the purchaser is responsible for shipping and duties. Castel generally requires a shipping carriers account number. If the delivery address is within the Schengen States, certain taxes may apply, see VAT.

Will Castel accept order cancellations?

Generally, Castel does not accept cancellations. Please see terms and conditions.

Will Castel accept returns?

Generally, Castel does not accept returns. Please see terms and conditions.

Will Castel extend a reserve?

Yes, Castel allows reserves to be extended one time for 10 days without a deposit.

Does Castel treat its fabrics?

Castel does not perform any treatments on its fabrics. A list of providers is avaialble on the "Makers" navigation tab on our website. The customer is responsible for all treatments. Castel cannot be held responsible for any result of the fabrics to treatments. We suggest sending a sample to the treatment facility to test. Castel will gladly offer a list of known fabric treatment companies.

Will Castel do additional treatment to fabrics?

Abrasion tests are usually done for all Castel fabrics that are to be used for upholstery. Certain fabrics have been tested for flammability. If Castel does not have test results or certificate of a required test, the purchaser is responsible for testing. Castel does not offer additional testing.

How does one clean a Castel fabric?

Castel recommends dry-cleaning with a experienced reputable dry cleaning company that specialize in home furnishings. Please see Care section..

How does one remove creases in a fabric?

Certain fabrics can experience some level of creasing during shipping. Castel makes every effort to pack and ship the fabrics to avoid creasing. If your fabric is received creased, Castel recommends a light steaming on the back of the fabric. See care section or claim section and Makers section for providers.

Can one request a specific dyelot for an order?

If a specific dyelot was purchased and additional fabric is required Castel will gladly try to offer the same dyelot if it is in stock. If no stock of the same dyelot is available, Castel suggests requesting a CFA of the new dyelot. For new reserves and orders, Castel does not accept requests for specific dyelots.

Why do you get e-mail notifications?

Castel strives to offer the best customer service possible. Our commitment is to assist our customers with every step of an inquiry, reserve or order until the order is delivered. Notifications are dispatched from our system identifying the necessary steps required to advance the status of each step.

Why does Castel request e-mail addresses?

Castel requests customer e-mail addresses for transactional purposes to communicate updates regarding specific Orders, see Privacy policy. Castel does not use e-mail addresses for solicitation.

Why does Castel request "Back order commitment forms" for certain orders?

Castel makes every effort to abundantly stock every fabric. However, in certain instances all available inventory is allocated to orders or reserves and a new production is required. To ensure a commitment from our customers, we request any order over 25 yards for which Castel must commence a new production, the order be clearly understood as Non-cancellable. Please see Back Order commitment form.

Why does Castel request "In Stock commitment forms" for certain orders?

In certain instances Castel is able to offer large quantities to allocate to reserves. To ensure a commitment from our customers, we request any order over 50 yards for which Castel transitions from a reserve to an order be clearly understood as Non-cancellable. Please see In Stock commitment form.

What is the correlation between Martindale and Wyzenbeek test results?

It is difficult to determine an exact correlation between the two tests. Castel will refer to Heavy Duty as 30,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek method or 40,000 cycles Martindale method. We use a loose interpretation that Martindale results are approximately 30% higher numbers than the Wyzenbeek. But one cannot assume further correlations. Martindale could be higher or lower than Wyzenbeek depending on the test result. One would have to test each method for complete accuracy.

Can one purchase Castel Sample Books?

Castel sample books are the property of Castel and are loaned for use of Castel representatives. Castel may, from time to time, sell or give sample books to customers. Only Castel determines the right to offer, loan or donate sample books.

Can a customer borrow a display sample from the showroom?

All showroom sampling remain the property of Castel. Showroom representatives are required to maintain and respect the good condition of the sampling loaned to showrooms. A showroom does not have the right to make a sole determination to loan a display sample without Castel's authorization. If a sample is missing or damaged, Castel holds the showroom responsible for the cost to replace it.

Does Castel offer larger samples?

Castel makes generous samples, which generally suffice in understanding the look and quality of the design. Castel does offer the option of a Presentation Sample for purchase of one (1) yard full width. The Presentation sample fabric value will be credited to one future order of same design only. No reserves, CFAs or cancellations accepted. Fabric will be shipped folded in courier pouch. Order subject to availability. A Presentation Cut Order form must be submitted. Contact Castel for assistance.

Does Castel participate in showhouses?

Castel has participated for show houses. Please contact Castel for further information.

Are Castel fabrics reversible?

Certain Castel fabrics are intended to be used on either side (face or back) and have been tested for that purpose. If a fabric is reversible it will be indicated on the tag and website. Certain fabrics may seem reversible, however it remains the specifier?s and purchaser?s responsibility if the fabric is used in a manner it was not intended for.

What is the direction of a velvet fabric?

The direction of velvet depends on the position of the pile. Velvets are woven in two ways: with an upright pile and a directional pile. With a directional pile the reference is made to the nap. To determine the nap, run your hand back and forth across the pile surface; the smooth direction indicates the direction of the nap. It is important to pay close attention to the nap, especially when comparing a CFA. Make sure the nap is in the same direction. To often CFAs are questioned because the fabrics were not viewed in the same direction.

To The Trade

This term is used to describe the relationship between Showrooms and interior design trade professionals, i.e. designers, architects, and Specifiers.

Sold To

This term refers to the Customer who pays for Items purchased by the Specifier. The purchaser is also another term for "sold to".

Certificate of Resale

A state-issued certificate the Customer is required to provide as proof that no tax is due on any sale that is made tax-free as a "sale for resale". Refer to the company's Sales Tax Policy.


This term refers to the Customer who selects or specifies items for use in a project.

Ship To

This term refers to the delivery address communicated to Castel for the delivery of the merchandise.


Designer or end-user identification information noted on the Sales Order, e.g., "Smith/Master Bedroom/Side Table."

Client PO

This term refers to the purchaser order number of the ? sold to?.

Ordered By

This term refers to the contact person at the ?sold to?.

Rep PO

This term refers to the document identification number of the Castel representative that has placed a reserve or order on behalf of the customer.


This term refers to the geographical area covered by a Castel representative.

Ship Via

This term refers to the selected transport service

Order Type

This term refers to the product type, ie. Fabric, samples, display, other.


This term refers to the sales terms offered on a specific order.

Pro Forma

The sales terms that specify the payment(s) a Customer must make before product is shipped.


Stock keeping unit (SKU) refers to an item of a particular colorway of a pattern.


Used for fabric, this term refers to the print or pattern of a material without reference to its colorway.


In reference to textiles, this term refers to the specific color of a pattern or a quality.

Net Price

The selling price of a product charged to a trade professional, i.e. designer, architect, or Specifier, by a Showroom. "Net Price" is also referred to as "Designer Price" or "Professional Price."

Sales Quote

A sales quote is a verbal or written communication given to a Sell-to Customer that advises product specification, quantity and pricing and is valid for a limited time (per Castel policy, up to 30 days after a Sales Quote is originated). It can be converted to a Sales Order upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as receipt of monies per Castel policy, i.e., Pro Forma or Payment in Full.

Reserve Request (RSRQ)

A reserve request is a status identifying the confirmation receipt of a request to reserve fabric. A reserve allocation is not yet confirmed. Generally RSRQs statuses become either Reserves (RES) or Back Order (BO) statuses (depending on availability) within 24 hours.

Reserve (RES)

A reserve is an allocation of on hand inventory against a Reserve Request. Reserves are used to hold a specific quantity of fabric from available inventory until the Customer reaches a purchasing decision or, Castel expires the reserve, up to a maximum of 14 days for a regular reserve and 20 days for a reserve with (CFA).

Cutting For Approval (CFA)

CFAs are typically used to verify that a product's colorway comes from the desired dye lot..

Dye Lot

A production-lot identifier associated with fabric. Multiple products may share a dye lot identifier that indicates they were manufactured in the same batch. Product color may vary slightly between production batches. See also "Cutting For Approval."

Order Deposit (DEP)

The dollar amount a Customer must pay in order to originate an Order. Per Castel policy, a Firm Back Order (FBO) typically requires a deposit of 50% of the Net Price (excluding Freight and Sales Tax).

Order (ORD)

A document from Castel that confirms supply a product made to the customer or guaranteeing stock. Orders require either a 50% deposit payment or 100% payment in full.

Extend a Reserve

Castel will allow the extension of a reserve one time, for an additional 10 days.

Reserve Reinstatement

Refers to a reserve that has expired and a customer wishes to re-reserve the same item with the same quantity. If a CFA was originally requested, every effort will be made to re-reserve from the same dyelot. If the same dyelot is no longer available, a new CFA will be sent. Castel only allows one re-instatement per item without a deposit.

Payment in Full

The 100% payment required, including tax, freight and miscellaneous charges to ship the order.

Firm Back Ordered Items (FBO)

Product which is not in stock to reserve and is either manufactured for a customer order or guaranteeing allocation of stock from an incoming production. A 50% deposit is required for an FBO. A back order commitment form is required for quantities greater than 25 yards (see Back Order Commitment Form). Firm Back Orders are non-cancellable.

Production Lead Time or Back Order Date (B/O date)

The time required from receipt of a deposit for a Firm Order to product ready for delivery

Order Balance

The remaining amount due on a Sales Order, i.e., Total Price + Freight + Handling + Sales Tax ? Customer Deposit Payment(s) = Order Balance. Castel refers to INVBD (Invoiced and Balance due) as a delivered and invoiced order with monies past due.

Freight Charge

The charge billed to a customer for shipping product to a ship-to address.

Freight Carrier

The shipping company that transports product from a Castel supplier or Castel warehouse to workrooms and other ship-to-address locations.

Handling Fee

A fee that is usually associated with a freight referencing a fee charged to a customer for Castel arranging shipping using the customer's account with their selected carrier. Handling fees may apply to sample orders placed directly with Castel or on Castel's website.

Customer's Own Pick Up

A method of shipment that stipulates the customer will contract delivery services directly with a carrier/shipper rather than requesting that Castel do so. The carrier/shipper invoices the customer directly for all freight, duty and handling charges.

Released Order (RLSD)

This term refers to the status of an order that is being processed to ship, but does not have a tracking number yet. Generally orders have a 24-48 hour turnaround time or released time.

Airway Bill (AWB)

Air Waybill (AWB) or air consignment note refers to a receipt issued by an international airline for goods and an evidence of the contract of carriage, but it is not a document of title to the goods. Hence, the AWB is non-negotiable. AWBs generally have a specific identification number used to track the shipment.

Proof Of Delivery (POD)

The document signed by the receiver that indicates the quantity and apparent condition of the goods received. Castel considers the status as "DEL".

Invoiced Order (INV)

This term refers to the status of an order which has been delivered and inspected. A confirmation invoice has been issued and claim period has expired. Castel considers this a final sale.

Invoiced Balance Due Notice (INVBD)

An invoice sent to a customer to collect the balance due on an invoiced order. An INVBD reflects all of the activity against a Order, including the total Order amount and all payments made by the customer.

Cancellation fee

An additional fee charged to a customer when a Order is cancelled.

Restocking Fee

A fee charged to a customer for returning product(s) to stock inventory.

Customer's Own Material (COM)

Fabric purchased by a customer and sent to represented vendor to be applied to ?make to order? product.

Value Added Tax(VAT)

A value added tax (VAT) also known as (TVA) is a form of consumption tax. From the perspective of the buyer, it is a tax on the purchase price. VAT taxes are applied to European stocked items shipping to intra Schengen territories. If the delivery is to a "pass through" workroom in a Schengen State as a work in progress Castel will require an E.U. Final Destination form to be completed by the purchaser.

Fabric Mill

A production facility where fabric is manufactured.

Fabric Supplier

A company that stocks and sells fabric.

Price List

Product specification and pricing information provided by Castel.


A fabric sample supplied by Castel. Memo samples are made from available stock. Memos are to be used for reference only and do not represent exact production available at any one time. Memos may change in appearance due to handling and exposure. Memos sold are the property of the party purchasing the sample. Memos loaned remain the property of Castel

Loaned Memos

A fabric sample provided to a "Trade Customer" by Castel. Memos are on loan to professionals and remain the property of Castel. Memos are to be returned to Castel or a Castel representative. Any charges associated to a loaned sample are intended to compensate Castel for processing, handling and packing the samples, delivery, related overhead and other items. Charges for loaned samples are not to be considered as a purchase of the sample(s).

Free On Board (FOB)

"FOB" means that the seller delivers the goods on board of the vessel, nominated by the buyer at the named port of shipment or procures the goods already so delivered.

Landed Price

The term Castel refers to the total cost of a landed shipment including purchase price, freight, insurance, and other costs up to the port of destination in the US. Castel?s NET prices are "Landed US prices".

Ex-works Price

Price only up to the seller's warehouse or supplier's premises. All charges from there on, such delivery, distribution, and commissions, taxes and duties are to be borne by the purchaser.

Limited Stock Item

A term Castel uses to describe an available, in stock item for which no new production will be made.

Weave Down

A term often used to refer to the reweaving of a fabric by changing the fibers to suit performance or budgetary requirements.


Abrasion in fabric describes the number of double rub cycles achieved before two yarn breaks. The measurement of the resistance to abrasion of textile fabrics is very complex. The resistance to abrasion is affected by many factors: the structure of the yarns; the construction of the fabrics; the type, kind, and amount of treatment added to the fibers, yarns, or fabric: etc Abrasion tests are subject to variations.


This is an oscillating test. Fabric samples are mounted flat and rubbed with a worsted wool fabric in a figure eight like motion.


A Wyzenbeek machine is used for this test, allowing samples of the test fabric to be pulled tight in a frame. Samples cut from the warp and weft direction are then rubbed back and forth with a plain cotton duck.


Warp refers to a technical term in textile structure, where longitudinal threads are tightly stretched lengthwise as the core of a fabric.


The weft refers to a technical term in textile structure, where treads are woven between the warp threads to create a fabric. Some people also call the weft the filler thread, since it fills in the design. The weft goes from selvedge to selvedge.


The selvedge (British) or selvage (US) is the term for the self-finished edges of fabric. Selvedges run parallel to the warp. The selvedges keep the fabric from fraying.

Railroading Fabric

Railroading means that if you turn the bolt on end and roll out the fabric from left to right, the pattern would be continuous across the roll. If a fabric is not woven to be railroaded, the fabric is to be used "off the roll".


Many fabrics typically will have patterns that will repeat after a certain point. A repeat refers to the length of the pattern before it repeats itself again. Often, a repeat will come in increments of 3 inches. The largest will typically be 27" or can be the full width of the fabric. Fabrics can have either a vertical and horizontal repeat or both. A repeat doesn't make much of a difference in the yardage of the fabric unless it is a specific pattern that needs to be centered on the object. For example, centering the pattern may be necessary for seat cushions, the back of the sofa, front of sofa back, pillows, and upholstered headboards.

Full Repeat vs. Half Drop Repeat

A full Repeat is where similar patterns are meant to match side by side. With full repeat patterns, all drops will be the same. A half drop repeat is where each pattern is designed to match halfway down another unit of pattern. With half drop repeat patterns, there will be 2 different drops set alternately.