Our new big sky collection - inspired by the American West

Big Sky is the foundation of our new collection, inspired by the Big Sky State and Native American culture, colorful handmade quilts, rugs, and blankets.

Sioux, named for the great Sioux Nation, embodies strength and beauty. A geometric pattern of cut velvet rises from a background of tough natural jute. Sioux is available in three colors.

Teton is named for the rugged and beautiful mountain range. Teton is offered in 8 colors evocative of sky meeting mountains.

Cheyenne is a soft chenille stripe inspired by the blankets woven by the tribes of the Wyoming plains. Cheyenne is available in four colors.

Montana is a rugged stone-washed linen in six colorways that reflect the state's glorious landscapes.

Bute is named for our favorite Colorado ski town. Butte is large-scale herringbone woven of chenille and linen yarns, offered in three Colorado cool colors.