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Thanksgiving Prep

As many of you are packing your bags today to head to frighteningly crowded travel spaces, here are a few links from around the web to keep you distracted.

Cornelia Street, my first NYC home

Thanksgiving always reminds me of my first few years in New York when I was too broke to go home for both this holiday and Christmas... so I always opted to stay in NYC, which I grew to love immediately. I would often host a few wayward friends for a delicious yet tiny home cooked meal in my tiny apartment. But honestly, those were the best! This article perfectly captures the spirit: How I hosted Thanksgiving dinner in my 195-square-foot apartment.”

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

If you are asked to bring dessert, here are two awesome recipes that have nothing to do with pumpkin (delicious, yet so predictable). Chocolate Guinness Cake courtesy of Nigella Lawson and Hands Down the BEST pie ever created by the amazing Brooklyn bakery Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Or you know, just pick one up and discard the box as evidence. I may have done this once.

If you are looking for a post pig-out movie, Lady Bird looks amazing, and SO millennial.

We have the perfect antidote to Black Friday madness. Stay home. You can shop for insanely beautiful fabrics at over 50% off net pricing right from your sofa! Help us clean off our shelves before the spring collection arrives! Win win.

Perhaps you are thinking of eating an extra slice of that aforementioned pie, in which case, you may need a pair of these insanely comfortable, stretchy, yet chic corduroy leggings. I haven't taken mine off in a week, don't judge.

For locals and visitors alike, some sound NYC brunch advice.

For anyone who wants to get the heck out of town and avoid any chance of talking politics with the fam, may we suggest going here... immediately. (husband, please take note.)

Voila. Wishing everyone a delicious and warm Thanksgiving!


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