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Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There is no stress about shopping, no religious faux pas worries, no questions about whether you should wear white shoes (don't)... Just a day to enjoy great food and great friends and family. And in our family, a friendly competitive bet on who will have the best time in the Ridgefield, Connecticut 5K Turkey Trot.

I am that cheesy person who makes everyone go around the Thanksgiving table and say what you are thankful for. This does not have to be an earth shattering declaration, but I think it is nice to take a moment to reflect on how lucky we are, and to remember those who are not as fortunate.


This year, we sponsored a child in Zambia, named Christabel, through a Christian organization called Family Legacy. I have a dear friend, Kate, who travels to Zambia every summer to visit the beautiful children at the local orphanage and school there. Did you know that Zambia has the highest per capita rate of orphans in the world? I didn't either.


There are 13.8 million people in Zambia and half of them are under the age of 16. This huge number is due to the high death rate from extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. Zambia has the 7th highest AIDS infection rate in the world.

Kate reached out to me and all of our friends to ask for support and assistance for many of the children at Camp Life who need sponsorship. Once I saw Christabel's bright and warm smile, read her heartbreaking story of being left behind, and read about her dreams to study hard and become a doctor, I felt she was meant to be an extension of our family.


If you would like to help sponsor a Zambian child also, please see the links below...

Also, we would love to hear about your favorite organizations to which you donate your time or resources. Leave us a comment!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

If you would like to become a Family Legacy sponsor, contact my dear friend, Kate Swail: Or you may contact Family Legacy directly: tel.#972-620-2020 or

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