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Brooklyn Interiors


Being in the design business, inspiration is everywhere, but perhaps the most interesting is being a voyeur and seeing what other designers are up to. We take so many magazines and peruse many a book, and our latest favorite is Brooklyn Interiors by Kathleen Hackett.

Our stylish and dear friends, Juliana Merz and Harry Cushing, are actually featured in the book, so we immediately headed out to our local bookshop and picked up a copy!


We love this book for its simplicity and sincerity. Look, I like the next issue of Elle Decor as much as the next design fiend, but sometimes don't you feel a little detached reading those glossy books? Like, if I see another hedge funder's Tribeca 10,000 square foot "pied a terre" with Rothkos and Basquiats lining the walls, I might freak. That's why this book is such a breath of fresh air. Real people, real apartments, and a sense that these designers and their families pulled these places together with creativity, not just casheesh.


Brooklyn does get a bit of a (deserved) rap of being the promised land to hipsters, artists, and people who make their own artisanal beard wax while taking themselves very seriously. All interiors dubbed "Brooklyn" have vintage elements or the effortless look of not trying to be cool while of course being painstakingly cool. Brooklyn Interiors does not make an effort to debunk this idea, but rather to share some examples of actual locals who embrace their space, geography, and flair for the curated home.

Here are a few snaps from inside the book... Enjoy and let us know if you have other new design books you are into at the moment!





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