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Autumn in Venezia

3015 Doge 4 copy

The Castel Fall 2016 collection has just launched! This collection of fabrics was inspired by a recent trip to Italy, especially Venice. The colors, the light, the jovial energy, the history, and especially the winding streets inspired the colors, textures, and bold designs.

GL507 Bruno 3 copy

The bold and handsome Bruno, was named after a spectacular dinner in Venice at our favorite restaurant, Alle Testiere. Bruno, the chef, is dynamic both in and out of the kitchen, and we had a grappa fueled delicious evening thanks to his hospitality.

LC168 Tera 2 copy

Tera, photographed here in its natural Mediterranean habitat, is a durable bouclé named for a quiet Venetian alley. Tera is acrylic backed and ready for upholstery!

LC167 San Polo 1 copy

Named for the winding maze of streets in Venice, San Polo is an art deco masterpiece in chenille. Destined for dramatic drapery and upholstery.

GL508 Palma 1 copy

Named for the capital of the gorgeous and breezy Spanish island of Majorca, Palma is a cotton blend ideal for airy drapery applications and rugged enough for upholstery.

8026 Portillo 1 copy

Portillo is a chic and cozy flannel named for the challenging Chilean ski area. This flannel is perfect for drapery or upholstery in your chalet! Shockingly, Portillo is 100% polyester, yet is truly fools even the most trained eye into thinking it is cashmere or wool flannel.

LC169 Rialto1 copy

Rialto is named for the colorful and boisterous market in Venice. This painterly chenille bridges both upholstery and drapery applications.

3015 Doge 1 copy

Doge, also pictured at the top of the post, is named for the magnificent Venetian landmark, the Doge's Palace. Our Doge will be perfect for your most elegant sofa.

Voila and Bellissima!

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